How New Years Resolutions Should Really Be Set

How New Years Resolutions Should Really Be Set

Jan 1, 2015

12 Months to a Healthier You

Do you make New Years Resolutions each year and fall off track a months or maybe even a few weeks later? That’s because you are doing it wrong. Most people live their life the way they want to all year long and get to the post holiday nostalgia of starting a #NewYearNewYou with a clean slate. They often truly believe they will make it work this time and will  set off to write out some New Years Resolutions or perhaps just some general goals of what they liked to accomplish by the end of the year. How well has that worked for you in the past?

My approach is a bit different. I too look at a new year as a chance to be very intentional with what I’d like to accomplish; however I like to set goals in all areas of my life so I don’t want to limit myself to 1 Resolution and call it quits. I personally am a big believer is Chalene Johnson and follow her goal setting strategies to set 10 crazy cool goals for the year. If you haven’t tried her 30 Day Push course you should it’s entirely Free, and if you want to go into even more detail you can purchase her book PUSH, which gives you some more how-tos on setting goals and being extremely intentional with how you live your life.

However before I can jump into any of that I need to set my #Theme for the year. The one word that will guide all my goals, my decision making, and my overall outlook on life. I have been setting Themes for a few years now and am extremely happy with the impact it’s had on my success. One year my Theme was #Gratitude and that year I really focused on establishing a mindset of thankfulness, started a gratitude journal, read the happiness project, focused on thanks you notes, and acts of kindness. Last year my goal was #Strength and this one reminded me that I needed to be strong to focus on fitness, to achieve my professional goals, to deal with some family hardships, it was a theme that applied to even at the time unknown factors. Now does that mean I no longer focus on Gratitude or Strength no, but I don’t have to be as intentional with my daily actions in regards to those 2 themes and instead get to revitalize myself with a new Theme for 2015.

My theme this year was difficult I shuffled through Ideas like “Create” “Perseverance” “Consistency” and realized truly what I wanted to do in 2015 is THRIVE, so that’s it, that’s my goal to Thrive. So how does it work? When I set goals I will ensure they encompass my theme for the year, when I make decisions on jobs, fitness, relationships I weigh them against my them to truly make sure I end up where I envision at the end of 2015. I know it may seem general but it’s not it’ll make me push outside my comfort zone, it won’t allow me to play it safe, or be middle of the road, it forces me to take big chances and be bold.

So tell me what’s your theme for 2015?

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