What’s Your Theme for 2016?

What’s Your Theme for 2016?

Jan 1, 2016

12 Months to a Healthier You

If you have been following us for awhile you know I love setting goals, getting organized and putting on paper my vision and intention for the New Year. About 3 years ago I started using the idea of setting an overall Theme for the year. In 2013 my Theme was Gratitude, in 2014 my Theme was Strength, last year my theme was Thrive and so that brings us to 2016.

Now how does this theme help me set my intention for the year? Well I set 10 crazy cool goals each year in all areas of my life from relationships, to finances, to family. I personally am a big believer is Chalene Johnson and follow her www.30daypush.com. If you haven’t tried her 30 Day Push course you should it’s entirely Free, and if you want to go into even more detail you can purchase her book PUSH, which gives you some more how-tos on setting goals and being extremely intentional with how you live your life.

However before I can jump into any of that I need to set my #Theme for the year. The one word that will guide all my goals, my decision making, and my overall outlook on life. In 2013 when I selected #Gratitude I really focused on establishing a mindset of thankfulness, started a gratitude journal, read the happiness project, focused on thanks you notes, and acts of kindness. In 2014 when I focused on #Strength I used it as a guide to remind me that I needed to be strong to focus on fitness, to achieve my professional goals, to deal with some family hardships. Last year my Theme was #Thrive a more abstract choice but it really pushed me, to not settle, to be bold and to get outside my comfort zone in all areas of my life, and I’d say I accomplished just that in 2015. 

John and I have achieved a great deal of success this past year and I truly believe it’s due to the intentional act of focusing on you  goals and not settling for less than what it is you want out of life. We bought our first home, my very first new car, we are expecting a beautiful baby boy, we achieved some milestones in our Beachbody Business earning us a full paid for Success Club Trip to an all inclusive resort in cancun, we are more settled in work and in our personal lives. 

Now to set my 2016 Theme, which doesn’t mean I don’t focus on Gratitude, Strength, or Thrive but that I don’t have to be as intentional with my daily actions in those regards. This year after coming off a year of really pushing above and beyond what I am capable of I am reminded I need to pull back a bit and set a theme of BALANCE this year. I want to push in my professional life and be the best at my job, I want to financially put more away but as I am also taking on my most important journey yet, being a mom to a rambunctious baby boy I need to remember to BALANCE all areas of my life in order to achieve real happiness this year. I usually write my theme on Post It Notes around my house, create phone screen savers and just remind myself at every turn this is the GOAL. 

So tell me what’s your theme for 2016?