Asylum Volume 2 Release Oct 11th

Asylum Volume 2 Release Oct 11th

Oct 8, 2012

Official Release is going to be a TBB Exclusive Starting on Oct 11th!!!!

Asylum Vol 2 is a 30-Day Graduate Program

  • Will cost $59.85
  • Will consist of 7 workouts on 6 DVDs
  • Will range in time from 40-60 minutes
  • Coach Exclusive Workout- Pure Contact $20 value

According to Shaun T what are the differences going to be

  • The agility training is going to be more fun and challenging!
  • Asylum 2 is definitely physically tougher.
  • It will incorporate more ladder work than Vol 1.
  • The pace of Vol 2 is Faster.

Can I do Asylum Vol 2 without doing Asylum Vol 1?

  • Shaun T state that you do not need to do Vol 1 prior, but that it would obviously benefit you from doing the exercise and developing the endurance!
  • Asylum Vol 2 will still be fun for people who are not super fit!
  • It will be fun for people who were athletes and like to be active!
  • Like most of the programs you can do Asylum vol 2 as long as you move slow and stay in control!

Shaun T’s thoughts on Asylum Vol 2

  • His favorite workout in the program is X Trainer!  He said it was because its a whole body workout and has a crazy challenge at the end!
  • His least favorite workout in Vol 2 is Power Legs! He said Power Legs is a “Nightmare,” But its so much fun in a weird way!  It is weird cause it is so tough, very muli-dynamic, and very mentally engaging!
  • Lastly he said that he knew he was kind of mean in Vol 1, so he thinks he is a little nicer cause he feels for you!

Oh,…..He is Already working on what he called “The next Situation.”


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