21 Day Fix Available Now!!!!

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P90X3 Worksheets!

Click on the links Below for your P90X3 Worksheets P90X3 Total Synergisitics P90X3 The Challenge P90X3 Eccentric Upper P90X3 Eccentric Lower P90X3 Incinerator P90X3 Complex Upper P90X3 Complex Lower Click the picture below for our P90X3 … Continue reading

P90X3 Calendars

Click Here for P90X3 Worksheets!!! P90X3 Classic Calendar Ok everyone here are the 4 main calendars that are associated with P90X3- Fitness Accelerated!   Just like P90X back in the day there is a Classic calendars that everyone should start out with to understand the new dynamic and … Continue reading

October Promotion- P90X & P90X2

October promotions are ending soon, don't miss out on the discounted P90X and P90X 2 Challenge Packs. With P90X 3 on the horizon get yourself ready with one of these two awesome Challenge Pack Deals. What is a Challenge Pack you ask? Well I'll tell you; it's the most complete health and … Continue reading

Johns Ultimate Reset Journey

Reasons for starting the Ultimate Reset- Trouble Sleeping Difficulty waking and drowsy Plateau in my Fitness and Weight Loss Wanting to eat healthier....that next step!   Intro Video Click HERE  Follow the journey by Liking our FB page on the top right or go to … Continue reading