Body Beast Hybrid Calendars

Body Beast Hybrid Calendars

Jan 20, 2013

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 Lean Beast Combat

As you can already tell, this calendar is going to be a hybrid of Les Mills Combat with Body Beast.  Body Beast is the main program being used and Combat added into the program as the Cardio.  After you pull up the calendar you will notice that the schedule is not the same as Lean Beast, which is because I had to design it around my schedule where Saturday was always going to be an off day!  

Please enjoy this hybrid and use at your own discretion! 

This program is designed to promote fat loss, and muscle gain while maintaining current body weight.  Therefor in the Beast guide on p.48 you will be completing steps 1-5 for your daily nutrition for each phase at the beginning of the Build and Bulk phase. For the Beast phase you will do steps 1-5 and then the calculation at the bottom of the page for correct reduction of calories.

Lean BEAST Combat- Build Phase:  This phase is based on 4 days of lifting and 2 days of cardio.

Lean BEAST Combat- Bulk Phase:   This phase consists of 5 days lifting and 2 days with cardio.

Lean BEAST Combat- Beast Phase:   This phase will take you to a whole new place, get ready to do Whatever It Takes!!!


Huge Beast Asylum 2 

I was looking at B0dy Beast and Asylum 2, and trying to see how I could create a hybrid that would work all the way through the Body Beast program.  After careful analysis, I came to the conclusion that the only way to incorporate Asylum 2 was to keep the build and bulk phase the same and Create a Asylum 2 Beast Phase!

Huge BEAST Asylum 2- Beast Phase:   Elite Training meets Beast!

And more to come……….BEAST UP!!!

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