Chalean Extreme/TurboFire Hybrid-Day 37 Fire 45 + AB Burner

Chalean Extreme/TurboFire Hybrid-Day 37 Fire 45 + AB Burner

May 16, 2012

Today is Day 37 of our Hybrid and we had my favorite TurboFire workout Fire 45! Now today I was asked to cover a 1/2 day sub job in the afternoon so I convinced John to get our workout on in the AM today so I could check it off my list and get my energy up to go work with a bunch of high school kids. TurboFire has a way of bringing the energy level up for me and putting me in a good mood for the rest of the day. So we jumped right into things and got a great cardio workout today. I wore my weighted gloves of course and that really helps bring added intensity to this workout. I can’t help but smile as I bob along and sing along to all the great music in this one. John is even getting on board as a true TurboFire lover. He’ll be walking around the house singing random TurboFire songs! Then we had Ab Burner, I feel like my abs are getting overworked now that we started doing TurboFire and still incorporating Abs 3 days a week but I’m doing my best and well see if any adjustments get made in future weeks. I am still using a 5lb weight for this routine and can make it most of the way through now without stopping.

So that’s really it for us today, unfortunately the camera was not charged so I have no video to share but just know and trust we brought the intensity today. We are also starting up some Challenge Groups so email us at and we’d love to get you more information so you can get plugged in with a group and get the results you are looking for. Tomorrow is an off day so I will be maxing and relaxing with a nice family walk thrown in. It’s great to give your body time to rest and recuperate, but rest doesn’t mean be a couch potato all day you still need to get moving and get your heart pumping every day. So for John and I that means a nice family walk where we talk about our day and goals we have for the future. Some of our best ideas have come from those walks so make sure you do something to be healthy and active every day of the week and I ‘ll see you all back here on Friday!

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  1. I just found your channel. I’m loinvg what you have to say. I have lost just under 20 lbs since 1/1/11. I’m ready to do this. I’m not just overweight I was depressed and I’m now obese. This is the last year that will be the case. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’d rather have a reason to live than an excuse for dying. I loved it when you said that it is simply true.