Chalene Johnson’s Shamrock Shake not Just for St. Patty’s Day

Chalene Johnson’s Shamrock Shake not Just for St. Patty’s Day

Mar 15, 2015

Shakeology Recipes

Happy St. Patty’s Day yet Again! Ok so I know I already posted a St. Patty’s Day Recipe and I know St . Patty’s Day is in fact over, however in searching for St. Patty’s Day Recipe Ideas I came across Chalene Johnson’s Shamrock Shake. Now those of you who know me know I LOVE Shakeology however am not the biggest fan of the Greenberry Flavor, but that may have just changed. Those of you who know me also know I’m a huge Chalene Johnson Fan and so anything endorsed by Chalene I am willing to give a try. So as I do not own a bag of Greenberry Shakeology I had to go on the hunt and acquire some from Coach Karen (which is why this post takes place after St. Patty’s Day, however is not a St. Patty’s Day Only kind of Recipe).

Well I was of course skeptical as I don’t like the wheat grass flavor Greenberry tends to have, but it had a lot of fun ingredients that I love, so I watched the below video and built my shake to Chalene’s specifications except I did use regular peanut butter as opposed to the powdered peanut butter she uses (which changes the calories)!

OMG if you guys like Greenberry great add this recipe to the mix, if you don’t like it, like I didn’t TRY THIS!!!! I Promise you won’t be disappointed. This taste like a fantastic dessert and will definitely keep you away from McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, because this one not only taste better but is so healthy! You guys won’t believe me until you try it..the cheesecake flavored pudding mix gives it a rich creaminess along with the peanut butter. It made a Greenberry Lover out of me and believe me that is no easy task! Check out the video, try the shake, and leave comments letting me know what you thought! Absolute Best Greenberry Recipe Out There So Far!!!