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Hey Guys its Coach Debbie, and I want to take a minute and my story. I am not sure what brings you to this site today but hopefully it’s because you are ready to commit to your health and fitness. I know if you are like me, that commitment, is far from easy. It’s a daily challenge that needs to be recommitted to and it requires a ton of support! Well that’s where my husband I and I come in. We have committed not only to our health fitness, but to help others with theirs. My husband first signed up as a coach simply to receive a discount when he ordered P90X and I watched him go through his 1st round of P90X, and saw not only a physical transformation, but a personal one. It was in that moment I knew Beachbody would be important to us. Now it took me much longer to get on board with committing to my health and fitness. I love to eat and working out was a chore I wasn’t ready to implement day in and day out.

I was athletic in High School and had a pretty good figure, but my weight was never a priority to me. It wasn’t until graduate school that I realized I am not nearly as active as I used to be. I don’t go outside or enjoy physical activities with my friends or family I had become lethargic and had fallen into a sedentary lifestyle. I didn’t want that life for myself nor was that the woman my husband fell in love with. So I committed to make a change. I too took on P90X and loved the well rounded program that incorporated cardio, strength, and yoga all in one. After graduating from that I moved on to Insanity, where I’m not going to lie I quit before it was ever completed, but not too many months later decided to take it on again and this time was successful in not only complementing the program but in changing my life to incorporate some form of exercise as a daily routine. I have since graduated from Insanity the Asylum, TurboFire and Chalean Extreme. You can watch my journey on our YOUTUBE as proof I went through it all too. We also have a Facebook Page for daily motivation and support! So next stop for me is committing to eating healthier and for that I will take on the Ultimate Reset. A 21 day full body reset that will really help and teach me how to fuel my body right.

During this time I have went through spouts of depression, having graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and being unable to find a full time counseling job over 2 years later. Well it took me a while and a lot of personal development, but I realized I went to school to become a school counselor because I wanted to help others become the best versions of themselves, and while Beachbody is the last place I thought I’d find my purpose it has allowed me to meet wonderful people who are struggling with their health, fitness or financial situation and has allowed me to help them. So if you want to join our team or need some advice along your journey connect with us. We want to help you succeed and achieve your goals and if you are willing we won’t stop until we help get you there.