Coffee Shakeology Recipes (Until Cafe Latte Arrives Jan 11th)

Coffee Shakeology Recipes (Until Cafe Latte Arrives Jan 11th)

Jan 10, 2016

Coffee Shakeology Recipes

Some of my favorite Shakeology Recipes include a jolt of caffeine. Here are just a few of my Favorite Coffee Flavored Shakeology Recipes. Don’t Forget on Jan 11th Shakeology will Launch it’s newest Cafe Latte Shakeology Flavor which might just push you coffee lovers over the edge with it’s amazing coffee taste, without the price or additives from your favorite coffee house treats. Not to mention all the superfood benifit that come in Shakeology already.  


Can’t wait for the release of Cafe Latte Order Your Chocolate or Vanilla Shakeology Today and try these yummy Coffee flavored recipes. Order Here

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