Les Mills Combat: 10 FAQs

Do you want a high-intensity, fun workout program that will shred fat and help you get that lean, defined look? Then LES MILLS COMBAT is probably the program for you. Just in case . . . here are answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions.

1. What could LES MILLS COMBAT do for my body?

LES MILLS COMBAT is a full-body training program that combines highly effective calorie burning moves and sequences from 6 different martial arts disciplines with High-Intensity Interval Training that, in short, will help make you very fit. Expect a lean chiseled look, not a bodybuilder physique.

2. Will I lose muscle tone if I switch from a program like P90X® or LES MILLS PUMP to LES MILLS COMBAT?

Not at all. In fact, you will maintain your results and continue to build lean muscle mass. That said, the workouts are not as heavy weight training focused as either P90X or LES MILLS PUMP, and you don’t focus on hypertrophy (muscle growth) as much as you would in P90X.

3. If I have bad knees or ankles, will I be able to do LES MILLS COMBAT?

We always recommend that you check with your doctor first. Whether or not you are able to do these workouts depends on your situation and how injured you are. LES MILLS COMBAT is high-intensity training. There is always a modification option that makes it easier and less impactful, but you still need good coordination and movement abilities. If your doctor clears you to do martial arts then you can do LES MILLS COMBAT. If not, we recommend you choose a lower impact program.

4. What kind of music is featured in the program?

LES MILLS COMBAT’s dynamic martial arts sequences, moves, and combinations were carefully choreographed to some of today’s most popular music, as well as old-school rap, disco dance beats, and classic tunes. From “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” to “You Can’t Touch This” to “YMCA,” all of our scores were chosen for their ability to inspire, energize, and fuel your workouts—and they’ve all been amped up a notch to give you that extra adrenaline “kick” as you power your way through LES MILLS COMBAT’s high-octane workouts.

5. What is the difference between LES MILLS COMBAT and LES MILLS PUMP?

The LES MILLS PUMP workout features light weights and high reps to help you achieve lean muscles and a toned look. LES MILLS COMBAT will also help you get that toned, fit body. LES MILLS COMBAT is a high-intensity and explosive aerobic endurance program that will get you shredded and defined like a mixed martial arts warrior.

6. I’m not very coordinated. Will I be able to do LES MILLS COMBAT?

Yes! In fact, doing LES MILLS COMBAT will help you become more coordinated. “The Basics” workout will teach you the techniques and various “guards” and “stances” that will be the foundation of later moves. Just go at your own pace. If you get lost, there’s no harm in hitting the “pause” button, rewinding, and trying the movement again.

7. How much equipment do I need for LES MILLS COMBAT?

You will need your own dumbbells, within a certain weight range, for the POWER HIIT 1 workout and the Ultimate Warrior Kit’s WARRIOR 1: UPPER BODY BLOW OUT to advance your fitness level and get serious definition! Dumbbells are optional for the SHOCK PLYO HIIT 2 workout and the Ultimate Warrior Kit’s CORE ATTACK. You may also find that wearing the LES MILLS COMBAT Training Gloves when you’re working out will amp up your intensity and help you deliver more accurate punches.

8. How long is the LES MILLS COMBAT program? How many workouts are there?

LES MILLS COMBAT is a 60-day workout program, and you can follow one of three calendars: the introductory Combat Warrior Calendar, the more intense Supreme Warrior Calendar, or the extreme Ultimate Warrior Calendar. The Combat Warrior and Supreme Warrior Calendars are built from the 7 workouts (30 to 60 minutes each) in the LES MILLS COMBAT Kit. The Ultimate Warrior Calendar uses these and integrates the additional workouts available in the Ultimate Warrior Kit.

9. I’ve been doing BODYCOMBAT® at my gym. Is LES MILLS COMBAT similar?

Yes. LES MILLS COMBAT is the at-home version of BODYCOMBAT, taught by LES MILLS COMBAT–certified trainers Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham.

10. Can I do a hybrid of this and LES MILLS PUMP?

Absolutely. You can incorporate a LES MILLS COMBAT workout into your LES MILLS PUMP routine by using one of the LES MILLS COMBAT workouts on your recommended “Walk” day in the LES MILLS PUMP workout calendar. However, it is not recommended that you supplement your LES MILLS COMBAT workouts with those from LES MILLS PUMP.

Bonus: Is there a benefit from ordering LES MILLS COMBAT through Team Beachbody®?

Yes! If you order LES MILLS COMBAT through Team Beachbody or through a Coach, you’ll receive a FREE bonus workout, LES MILLS COMBAT 30: LIVE. It’s a unique opportunity to feel like you’re a part of a high-voltage in-person LES MILLS COMBAT class!