My Thanksgiving Meal Game Plan

My Thanksgiving Meal Game Plan

Nov 28, 2013

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what we have, to be around friends and family, to remember those who serve our country and allow this to be the home of the free and the brave, and to remind us to count our blessings and give our thanks. However while that may be the case Thanksgiving also tends to be centered around food, gluttony, and over indulgence. So with that being said what’s my Game Plan, how will I enjoy this holiday without guilt and over indulgence and how will I stay on track to be Hot for the Holidays? Well Let me tell you


Plan a Workout: First things first; this time of year is always a hectic one full of family, shopping, cooking, and running around getting things done at the last minute. The first thing that goes out the window is your Workout Plan and that’s the first mistake. Don’t think you can simple skip that second piece of pie and be good, if you are to survive the holiday you need to get your workouts in. Depending on your time frame plan at least a 30 minute routine everyday this week especially the Morning of Thanksgiving. Don’t make that your OFF day due to time. You need to get your metabolism going if you intend to survive the Thanksgiving Meal. For me I have Combat 45 on the books a Cardio Kickboxing routine to start my day off right. Don’t have an at home DVD workout try going for a run/walk or hit the Gym first thing.

Mentally Prepare: What is the day going to be like, are you going to more than 1 Thanksgiving meal this year? Visiting multiple relatives? Make a plan of what your day and meals look like and begin to plan what you anticipate doing and eating. You know Grandma is making her famous Pumpkin Pie or mom’s dinner rolls are your favorite. Know what things are coming and allow yourself to enjoy those cherished food items. Yes you can have a piece of pie but don’t have seconds of something else, plan for what your REALLY want, not what you have in front of you. Going somewhere new this year and aren’t sure what to expect? That’s ok you know what you like, you know if you are a sweets person or a extra helping of mash potatoes please. Do your best to mentally prepare. Also if you have a chance sout out the food before making a plate, know all the options. For me I will skip the dessert and rolls so I can indulge in my mother’s mashed potatoes and wild mushroom stuffing, that’s what I wait all year for and I won’t fill up on other incidentals just because, I’ll save room for my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.

Execute the Plan: Allow yourself to eat those indulgences you are thinking about, you can eat anything in moderation. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your family, and enjoy your meal. Don’t overstress about what to eat or not eat, just make a plan and do your best to stick to it. If you slip here and there that’s ok just don’t throw in the towel due to one slip and say oh well might as well have more of everything since I already messed up the plan. Workout, eat in moderation and Operation Thanksgiving Day Feast will be as easy as saying No to that 2nd piece of Pumpkin Pie.

Eat Whatever You Want

Additional Tips: Make sure you eat Breakfast! Most people believe if you are going to eat that much food later in the day you should save some calories and skip breakfast. BIG MISTAKE!!! You want to have Breakfast to jump start your metabolism, I’d recommend Shakeology it’s healthy filling and Delicious so you won’t feel deprived yet still get a satisfying start to your day. Also if you are a drinker whether that be wine, beer, or cocktails make sure for every glass you drink you drink 1 full glass of water. Remember alcohol is high in sugar and calories so it adds up!