October Promotion- P90X & P90X2

October Promotion- P90X & P90X2

Oct 23, 2013


Get P90X Challenge Pack for $90 Off OCT ONLY

Get P90X or P90X 2 Challenge Pack for $90 Off OCT ONLY

October promotions are ending soon, don’t miss out on the discounted P90X and P90X 2 Challenge Packs. With P90X 3 on the horizon get yourself ready with one of these two awesome Challenge Pack Deals.

What is a Challenge Pack you ask? Well I’ll tell you; it’s the most complete health and fitness pack you can buy. It includes the P90x or P90x2  Fitness Program, a Detailed Fitness Guide, Detailed Nutrition Guide, Online Tools, and the best Meal Replacement Superfood Shake money can buy Shakeology

Free Fitness/Accountability Coaching 

Aren’t sold yet? Don’t forget when you order from us you get Free Fitness/Accountability Coaching. My husband and I are dedicated to ensure you get the results you deserve. We provide Free one on one coaching with every customer on our team, we do this through accountability calls, email, and an exclusive Facebook Group! You can’t beat free personal training on top of everything else. My husband is a certified strength and conditioning coach and P90X certified trainer. I have a masters degree in psychology/counseling which allows me to help YOU set small measurable goals and make progress towards those goals every day! 

P90X Challenge Pack Video

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P90X2 Challenge Pack Video

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