The New & Improved P90 Your OnSwitch to Fitness

The New & Improved P90 Your OnSwitch to Fitness

Sep 25, 2014

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

P90: You’re OnSwitch to Fitness

This new and improved program is brought to your by #TonyHorton the trainer who has already brought you programs like P90X, P90X2, and P90X3. The results you get with these programs is undeniable so what he decided to do was create a version with NO EXCUSES. Anyone can do this program no matter their age, fitness level or familiarity with fitness routines, this program is for y

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P90 Workouts

P90 has 10 unique workouts that take you through a 3 phase progression. You start out with Phase A where you embark on Sculpt A, Sweat A, and Ab Ripper A. You then graduate onto Phase B in month 2 and change it up to Sculpt B, Sweat B and Ab Ripper B. Finally in month 3 you move on to Phase C where you tackle Sweat C, Sculpt C, and Ab Ripper C. You also get a Fun Saturday Special workout and if you order through u you get a Coach Exclusive DVD with 3 mini/shorter workouts. Click the link to open the pictures and read more about each workout.

P90 Workouts


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What Does The Base Kit Include:

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P90 Challenge Packs

Don’t forget about our Challenge Pack special which allows you to order the P90X Base Kit and a 30 Day Serving of the dense superfood Shakeology (in a variety of flavors). In oct this pack is only $160 which is a $70 savings then if you bought these two products separately. Plus get added in our exclusive GF2Revolution Challenge Group. Join Now

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