P90X3 Calendars

P90X3 Calendars

Dec 11, 2013

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P90X3 Classic Calendar

Ok everyone here are the 4 main calendars that are associated with P90X3- Fitness Accelerated!  

Just like P90X back in the day there is a Classic calendars that everyone should start out with

to understand the new dynamic and moves of X3. 

P90X3 Doubles Calendar

A Doubles routine for those crazy kids who just need more to do or those athletic individuals!  

These splits are ideally made to be morning and night.

P90X3 Lean Calendar

A Lean Calendar for those looking to have a more slender look focusing on sliming the legs and core.

P90X3 Mass Calendar

Lastly a new calendar MASS.  Obviously this is geared for individuals looking to put on

more muscle mass, similar to that of Body Beast.  

P90X3 Elite Calendar

The Elite Calendar is intended for those who were doing the Classic or Lean Calendars.

P90X3 Elite Doubles Calendar

The Elite Doubles Calendar is for those who were obviously doing the Doubles routine.

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Click Here for P90X3 Worksheets!!!