P90X3 COMING Dec 10th-Sign Up To Be Notified!!!

P90X3 COMING Dec 10th-Sign Up To Be Notified!!!

Nov 25, 2013

P90X3 On SALE Dec 10th 2013

One Day at a Time

Why I Love P90X3

P90X3 Additional Information 

  • The workouts will be 30 minutes (2 min warm up and 28 min workout) 
  • There will be a Cold Start Warm Up Disk if you need a longer warm up 
  • P90X3 can be done by beginners you do not need to have graduated from P90X or P90X2 
  • The Nutrition is a Back to the Basics Healthy Eating Plan 
  • There will be a Base Pack and a Deluxe Pack
    • Base Pack: 16 Workouts 
    • Deluxe Pack: 20 workouts (4 additional to base pack) 
  • There will be 4 Scheduled to Choose From: Classic, Lean, Doubles, and Bulk 
  • Equipment Needed: Weights/Bands and a Pull Up Bar 
  • There will be different levels of intensity for each move (Beginner, intermediate, and advanced) 

What Types of Workouts Will be In P90X3 

  • P90X 3 will include a Pilates workout 
  • P90x3 will have a new Isometrics workout- A New Strength/Balance/Flexibility workout with Static Holds
  • P90X3 will include CVX – Cardiovascular Extreme – a Cardio workout with weights
  • P90X3 will include MMX – Mixed Martial Arts Extreme
  • P90X3 will include Agility X- All new agility programming
  • P90X3 will include Yoga 

P90X3 Sneak Peaks  

Sneak Peak of P90X3 Agility 

What Results Can I Expect 

Would You Suggest Doing P90X and/or P90X2 Before Doing P90X3

P90X3 Nutrition Information  

Don’t Forget To Join Our P90X3 Challenge Group 

We will be starting a P90X3 Challenge Group to ensure you are successful with your P90X3 journey. Send us an email at info@gf2revolution.com to let us know you’re interested. All you need to do is purchase P90X3 through us and add us as a Facebook Friend and we will take care of the rest!

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