Sneak Peek at the PIYO Workouts (What you get)

Sneak Peek at the PIYO Workouts (What you get)

May 25, 2014

What is PIYO All About?

PIYO is a brand new workout program by Creator of Hit Fitness Programs such as #TurboFire and #TurboJam Chalene Johnson! This program combines everything you want into 1 program as it incorporates Strength Training, Cardio and Flexibility. The program is High Intensity with Low Impact for the New Kind of Strong! 

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How Many Workout & What Are They?

PIYO will consist of 8 workouts, PLUS a BONUS workout, so 9 workouts on 3 DVDs! Check out the photos below to see a Sneak Peek at exactly what those workout consist of. 

PIYO 8 workoutsAlign PIYO Sweat



Define Lower Body

Define- Upper Body


PIYO Squats







Who’s PIYO For, Why Do It, Release Date and Price?

PIYO is for anyone who wants to work on Strength, Cardio, and Strength at the same time. Its modified so beginners can begin workout out too. PIYO is for people of all ages, each person in the photo below is 40+ can you believe it? The program will be available June 18th and will cost $59.85 +S&H

Flexibility Cardio StrengthPIYO Modified

PIYO 40 and OlderHappuer Person

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