SuperBowl Sunday: Giving Thanksgiving a Run for Its Money but Try These Healthy Tips

SuperBowl Sunday: Giving Thanksgiving a Run for Its Money but Try These Healthy Tips

Feb 2, 2013

SuperBowl Sunday: Giving Thanksgiving a Run for Its Money but Try These Healthy Tips

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday falls 2nd only to Thanksgiving in the day in which the most food is consumed? Well it is; and while we work hard to eat right and exercise throughout the year we keep hitting these obstacles full of fattening food and drinks. Well I can’t stop the Super Bowl Sunday Food Craze, but I can give you some tips to prevent you from derailing all your hard work.

Tip #1- Control the Environment- Don’t got out to a bar, restaurant, or Stadium, instead host your own Superbowl Party and control what you serve. Don’t order the Pizza, Chicken Wings, etc . Check Out This Graphic for an Idea of How Many Calories All Those Fast Food Chains are Costing You —->>>Click Link

Tip #2- Fix a Plate Don’t Graze- So we are all guilty of snacking even when we aren’t hungry, so instead don’t leave the bowl of chips on the table next to you. Have a food station away from the TV, go fix your plate with the food you want to eat and sit back down. This will help cut back on the mindless munching that tends to happen when snack foods are easily accessible.

Tip #3- Don’t Start Out Hungry- Some people think if they skip breakfast and don’t eat all day they can justify the calories they consume during the game, but this is not a smart strategy. Instead Don’t skip breakfast, in fact make sure you have a protein packed breakfast to keep you full longer. Drink water and make sure to eat something light before people come over, so once all the food is out you aren’t starving and tempted to eat it all. You can still have some goodies, but you’ll consume less calories then if you went in starving!

Tip #4-Limit Drinking- I’m not going to tell you not to drink, even though the beer and other alcoholic drinks have a hefty calorie punch. Limit you number of drinks! Know how many you want to have before you start, and make sure to drink water in between, not only to keep you full and drinking less, but to prevent the hangover the next day. Choose lower calorie beers or spirits and avoid mixed drinks all together.

Tip #5- Healthy Alternatives- No one’s saying to serve steamed broccoli and cauliflower at your party but many SuperBowl Foods can be revamped to limit the number of calories. For instance instead of the normal chicken wings, you can bake or grill chicken and still toss it in a spicy wing sauce. Turkey Burgers, low cal nachos, are all options to keep the integrity of SuperBowl Party food without the guilt of ruining your waistline. Tons of healthy recipes exist just Google Healthy SuperBowl Foods and get to work creating a tasty calorie conscious menu for the party.

I hope these tips have been helpful, please feel free to comment below and share this post with others. As well as share with us any healthy snack ideas you plan to serve at your party! Enjoy the Game!!!