The Asylum Day 26: Vertical Plyo

The Asylum Day 26: Vertical Plyo

Dec 10, 2011

Today is my final date with Vertical Plyo and I wish I could say I was going to miss it, but seriously it’s not a favorite of mine. Even though I won’t miss this date I am ready to bring it today. I want to prove myself and show that I have improved from day 1 to now. Even though this is not my favorite date, I know how important this date really is for me. This date teaches me discipline, teaches me mental toughness, and works on skills that no other date has ever worked on. I don’t think I will be sneaking in secret dates with Vertical Plyo, like I will Asylum Strength, but I will say that this date has taught me a lot about myself and helped me grow in this relationship. I am happy to be finished with my Vertical Plyo dates but think you’ll be impressed when you check out just how well I did in my last date with Vertical Plyo!

I mastered the warm up! I was finally able to stay in the warm up the entire time. Now granted this is after dating Asylum for nearly a month, not using an actually jump rope, and slowing my speed to a manageable pace, but in the end I stayed with it! I did so much better throughout the entire workout starting with the standing long jump. I was able to finally get my form down and power off the floor, jumping over my 3 rungs of the ladder consistently ever time. I stayed in the Split Squat Flys along with John and moved with much better agility. I was able to use the heavy resistance band on my ankles for the Low Stance Jacks and rocked it the entire time as well. I tried to stay in the active rest but did take a few “2 Breath Breaks.” I look much better in my form and was able to get so many more Resistance Power Jumps than I’ve gotten in the past using the Heavy Band on my ankles. I did the Resistance Plyo Pushups with the green band on my wrists (for the first time) and red band on my ankles, I stayed in it as long as I could but it was much tougher with the band on my wrists. I also used both bands for my Resistance X Jumps today which was real tough, but I surprised myself with how well I did. I also have better form for the Mountain Climber switch Kicks, but I still could work on increasing my speed and perfecting my form a bit more. I again tried to stay in the next active rest as long as possible but took a couple breaks before it finished. I pushed hard in the Rotational Jump Squat Agility move and the Decoy Spilt Jump move, which I had to modify. I brought it and stayed in the Scissor Jumps the entire time and did my best to Jump Rope for the last minute, but it wasn’t double the speed, like Shaun T wanted. I ended doing as many Single Leg Power Jumps as possible, and pushing as hard and as fast I could in the Lateral Jumps. I think overall I got more than last time but truthfully I lost count as I was going through the move. Then it was time to cool down and stretch!

I love to hate this workout. I will not miss having to do this one, but I did really like how it pushed me to be the best me I could be. I never wanted to do this workout when it rolled around, and I often whined and complained about how tough it was, during and after completing it each time. However I am so proud of myself today in how well I did and what I’ve accomplished in this short amount of time. I have gained strength in both my arms and legs and my coordination and flexibility has increased immensely. I am able to go deeper in my pushups, endure longer throughout the cardio, and do more of all the moves. My speed is getting faster and overall I am getting to be a much better athletic specimen. Can I run a marathon or compete with extreme athletes? At this point no, but can I push myself outside my comfort zone, run longer and faster than ever before, the answer would be yes! So I recommend you love this workout because it gets you there. Me as I said before Love to Hate it, but overtime the hate fades and you’ll be happy with what you have left. So stick with it! As for me, I am looking forward to my last date with Back to Core tomorrow; it should be a nice change of pace from all this craziness! So check it out the video below and check back in with me tomorrow for my farewell date with Back to Core!

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  1. So I’ve been following your blogs for the past week now and they’ve really gotten me motivated to start the insanity the asylum program!!! It’s so awesome that you wrote down your day to day thoughts because its always great to hear from a first hand experience.My only concerns are whether or not your results match up to what the infomercial says.Thanks again for sharing all your info.!!! :]