The Asylum Day 27: Back to Core

So today is day 27 and I can’t believe Asylum and I have been together for so long already! It feels like just yesterday I put in the Fit Test DVD and said wow this is going to be some journey. Now being on the other side of things I can honestly reiterate it was in fact some journey indeed. There were highs and lows and fun times and frustrations but all in all its dates like today that made me realize how perfect Asylum and I are for one another. I have a weak back and a weak core, both of which I need to build up in order to prevent injury and function better in everyday living situations. This workout does that for me but what it also does is transport me to a place of relaxation and Zen! I feel so relaxed, and so well taken care of by the time the Back to Core DVD comes to an end. I feel like I have just mediated for hours and found that inner peace people spend their whole life looking for. I know that this seems a bit outlandish, but truthfully this is how I feel! I feel like I am so calm, focused, ready to take on my day, and just content! It’s not quite as relaxing as Yoga but its pretty close, and in Asylum it’s the closest thing I’ve got! It’s also better than yoga in the sense that not only do I get that feeling of relaxation I also get the work I need to get done on my Back and Core.

I felt really great today! I felt I was able to push myself and get the results I was looking for as well as find that place of tranquility. By the end of the workout I was so relaxed and focused, I was ready to tackle the world and get things done! It all begins with the warm up which used to wind me, but now I have learned to go at a slower pace so I can stay in the Jacks for the entire time. My form was a little awkward on the Side Lat Pull Downs, but I’m working on it, and my form for the Wide Lat Flys seems to be improving, so that’s good! Then there is that Rotator Spilt Lunge! I was a bit spastic today and I led with the wrong foot for half of the workout, and so when I compensated and corrected my lead foot my other quad had been worked longer than it should have been, resulting in my wobbling a bit more than usual. I still really love the Hip Up Twist and Curls, it looks like synchronized swimming moves or something. It’s just so rhythmic and calm. You are working hard but the tension doesn’t show, you are simply going through the fluid movement.

Then there was the Swimmer Band Exchange and Low Back Strengtheners and as Dory say in Finding Nemo, “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming,” and so that’s what I did, I kept swimming the entire time!!! The Hip Up Series went well I seem to have added a little more thrust instead of a slow steady movement, but I do the moves the entire time with good form. The last set is the Reverse Plank which usually kills my heel, but today we found a solution and I was able to stay in the Reverse Plank exercises the entire time as well. We added a pillow on the ground under my heel to ease the pain I was experiencing! This was so great, because I was frustrated that my heel pain was preventing me from progressing in a move I could otherwise do! So now I am able to do what I am supposed to do and stay in this move the whole time. Then that brings us to the tranquil breathing exercises and stretches at the end that just solidifies relaxation and contentness.

So unfortunately that was my last date with Back to Core, but at least I ended on a high note. Over the last month I struggled with some of these moves, from staying in the warm up, to the Reverse Plank Heel Pain, but today I overcame all those obstacles and really sank into this workout today. I felt connected with it, like my body knew exactly what it was expected to do and so it just took over and did it. I felt relaxed and calm and really focused by the end. I felt like I had medicated for hours and really the workout is one of the shorter ones. So I am happy to say this is such a wonderful date that I think you will all appreciate, and one in which I will probably incorporate into my workout routines in the future. It’s such a great low impact workout that still works both your back and core and gives you that yoga like relaxation. This is a good one to do early in the morning before you take on your day or late at night before going to sleep, just because it leaves you so peaceful. So on that note I am going to finish up my night and head off to bed and I will talk to you all tomorrow for another wonderfully realizing date in Asylum relief! Check out the video and leave comments telling me what you think!