The Asylum Day 30: Final Fit Test

The Asylum Day 30: Final Fit Test

Dec 14, 2011

So today is the end of my journey with Insanity the Asylum and what a journey it has been. I have shared wonderfully romantic dates, exhilarating dates, and even some frustrating date with Asylum over this past month, but today that is all worth it. The good, the bad, and the ugly all culminate in me improving my overall level of health and fitness. If it wasn’t for Asylum I wouldn’t be able to touch my toes, move through an agility ladder without looking down, do pushups for as long as I can, or overall just be able to compete at this level. I am so proud of my accomplishments over the last month and I am so happy to have met, fallen for, and dated Insanity the Asylum. I know to some of you the “relationship and dating” metaphor I used to compare my Asylum workouts with dating someone was a little odd, but for me it was a natural fit. You go through the same process when you are dating workouts that you do when you date a person. You have to get to know one another, build a foundation, discover each other’s strengths and weakness and decided to make a commitment or go your separate ways. Just like any relationship you have you ups and downs and that was true for Asylum and I too, however there were definitely more ups than downs. Asylum pushed me to be a better person and I am really proud of where I am now, after having met and dated Asylum.

So how did it all go you may ask? Did Asylum deliver what it promised to deliver? The short answer is yes! The long answer is that it delivered more than I could have ever hoped it to delivery and in fact it has set me up on the road to success for all my future fitness and health goals. I am eating better, feeling better, and making better overall fitness choices. My numbers all immensely improved since Day 1’s Fit Test. Every single exercise was improved upon and on some the improvement was extensive.

  Day 1 Fit Test Day 30 Fit Test
Agility Heisman 5.5 6
In & Out Ab Progression 16 30
Push Ups 11 15
Mountain Climber Switch Kicks 50 57
Agility Should Taps 2 4
X Jumps 20 23
Moving Push Ups 2 2 (real)
Agility Ladder Shuffle 9 12.
Agility Bear Claw 6 7.5


So those were my numbers! Aren’t you amazed I know I was!  Agility Heisman I got ½ better than last time but I got tripped up on the footwork, once I nail the choreography I can fly through that. The In and Out Ab Progression on Day 1 I really struggled to get it going, but I practically doubled my numbers from day 1 and was able to go through the move harder and faster than before. I did 4 more pushups which seems low, but was truly a big improvement for me. I did 7 more Mountain Climber Switch Kicks which were done in proper form but at a slower pace, so once I have my cardio down I can kick this one up a notch. Agility Shoulder Taps I got 4 which is 2 full additional ladder rotations and I can’t even express the sheer pride I have in that accomplishment, not to mention my form has also improved greatly. X Jumps was tiring I only was able to squeeze out 3 more than last time, but more is still more. Moving pushups I only got 2, which is the same as last time, but on Day 1 I did a modified version and today I did the real deal, so it was definitely an improvement. The agility ladder shuffle I got 3 additional ladder rotations and think I can fly even faster given a little more practice. Lastly the Agility Bear Crawl with improved form I mustered up 1 ½ more than last time!

So that was my Insanity Asylum Day 30 Results! I am really happy with my progress guys and I hope you have been following along and enjoying the journey along with me. Please check out the video below and see my results for yourself, and don’t forget to check out my Insanity the Asylum Review for a more in depth overview of my results, thoughts, and overall opinions on the Insanity Asylum Program. Please contact me if you have questions or need help with your fitness or nutrition journeys or if you want to purchase this or any other Beachbody workout program. You can email me at and you can also like our facebook page GF2Revolution Facebook Page and stay up to date with what is going on with us! Other than that it has been fun guys! I’m sure I’ll talk to you all again soon! See you Next Time!