TurboFire Day 29: Fire 55EZ

TurboFire Day 29: Fire 55EZ

Feb 6, 2012

Hey guys today is another dreaded Monday! Today I got my Fire 55 EZ on! It’s definitely not my favorite workout of the bunch but it’s good. I told myself I better learn to love this one because in month 2 I have Fire 55ez every Monday and Thursday. So even though I have a love hate relationship with this workout I will need to work it out somehow. It doesn’t help that they fall on a Monday which is also one of my least favorite day to workout in general. Mind over matter, and power through, that’s my message to you guys. When in doubt workout, because even if you are dreading going in, you will feel better from it; and your health is non-negotiable.  Just figure out when is the best time in your day, set yourself up for success, and make it happen. I am still juggling my workout time since starting my new job, but I’ll make it work.

So I got my Fire55 EZ on and did not choose the new to class option for this workout. I am not going to lie to you all, it was rough today. I did my best but I just wasn’t feeling it, which I know is more mental than anything else. I tried my best, I went through the entire workout, but I just felt lack luster and less intense than I would have liked. The warm up seemed like an eternity long and then the first dance sequence was ok, I tried to bust my butt during the Firedrills and finish up strong in the finales but I think if you watch the video below you’ll see a difference in my performance today than you usually see. But you be the judge, I post my workouts for accountability and feedback so feel free to let me have it. I promise to Bring It on Thursday to make up for today’s performance.

Total side note: I wanted to share with you all my favorite superbowl commercial yesterday! I should do my own rendition at the end of one of my workouts. Check out the video!

Overall the day was pretty good. I am getting used to my new job and trying to figure out a schedule that works for my workouts as well as my meals throughout the day. My energy today was about a 6 maybe a 4 by the time I told myself I needed to workout, but it’s process. I did get my 8 hours of sleep, but only drank 4 glasses of water for the day. I did in fact eat within my calorie range for the day, and as you can see in the video I did my closing in a different room because my wonderful husband was making dinner for us. He is so committed to making sure I have no obstacles in my way to focus on my health and fitness goals, and I love him for it. I will have my Shakeology for dessert, now sure what recipe I am making tonight but I do know it’ll be delicious. So check out the video, leave comments and email me at info@gf2revolution.com ! Tomorrow is Fire 30 and Sculpt 3o, I am looking forward to that one so don’t miss it! Talk to you all tomorrow.