TurboFire Day 71: HIIT 25 + Sculpt 30

TurboFire Day 71: HIIT 25 + Sculpt 30

Mar 19, 2012

Today is Day 71 of TurboFire and what a day it is! Today I didn’t have to go to work so I had a really wonderful and productive day. I started it off with Oatmeal and a cup of coffee while I perused facebook and updated our facebook page at www.facebook.com/gf2revolution. I listened to the National Coach Call Beachbody has every Monday Morning, and I’m not sure what it was but it was truly so inspiring and made me so happy to be doing what I’m doing and really excited to step up my game and really get this business going. I had a mid-morning snack, worked on some emails, called and followed up with all my customers, had a spinach salad for lunch while catching up on Army Wives, I love that show. Then I got my living room ready for my workout, I did my HIIT 25 + Sculpt 30 workout, and followed that with a post workout Shakeology. My husband returned home by then and we hung out for a bit before Stir Fry was made and I did some post dinner house cleaning. All in all it was a good day!

So lets start with HIIT 25! As per usual it was intense and I was dying by then end. It really does push me a bit past my limits, but I can’t bear to make myself do the low impact version Allie does in the video. So I keep on killing myself each time. Again HIIT 25 has 4 drills, each of which you repeat twice, and all of which require tons of jumps. When I was editing the video I did love how the movement correlates directly with the music and it made it seem more fun and rhythmic then it feels in the moment. I made it through the first two before almost taking an extra pause break, but decided to just keep going as best I could. If I didn’t do well, I didn’t do well, at least it’d be over sooner! I finished the last two drills and was still alive of course, but I was a bit nauseous and hesitant again to get Sculpt 30 underway. I did the cool down and did take about a 10min break before starting Sculpt 30 which made a big difference in my ability to get the most out of the Sculpt workout. It was good today, full body really felt myself pushing to get more in this time. Really learning to like the Sculpt and Tone workouts!

This workout again took a lot out of me but I am glad I did it and I hope by the end I can do it with more grace and less complaining. I just hate feeling icky afterwards I want to feel exhilarated and pumped about the day. Overall today I drank my 8 glasses of water, I ate 5 meals throughout the day and ate within my calorie range, I got 8 hours of sleep the night before, I had an energy level of about 7, and of course I had my post workout Tropical Shakeology Treat! So other than that check out the video, leave comments, and email me with questions at http://info@gf2revolution.com and I will see you guys tomorrow for my favorite workout Fire 45 + Stretch 10!