TurboFire Day 72: Fire 45 + Stretch 10 (w/ Coach John)

We have made it today 72 of my TurboFire Adventure and today is my favorite workout Fire 45 + Stretch 10! Today should be an off day for my husband as he just finished up his P90X2 journey, but I convinced him to join me for this workout because I think it’s so much fun and it’s just makes everything right with the world when it’s done. Plus having my hubby working out with me is just so much more fun. I’ll tell you it directly impacts my results, I am less likely to skip a workout when we are doing them together, I tend to have higher intensity as I have to show off you know, and I have more fun which makes the workout fly by and seem more like fun quality time then a required task. We tried to do our workouts together but we had moved on to different programs so I hope we can get back to a place where we can work out together again.

As for the workout itself, as I said it’s my favorite. As we started up I felt a bit guilty because John had quite a bit of trouble picking up some of the moves and I should have selected the New to Class Option for him, but I figured he’d pick it up and just keep moving along. You start with the warm up which to me is second nature but took me some cueing to get John on point with it. Then you jumped right it to fast moved dance routines.  You start with the bobbing side to side throwing blocks and then slapping your knee to rotate and doing a twist, jab and pump and finally 3 step. Then your next routine is punching to the corners of the room 4 times each, doing 4 punches to the front, then 1 jack, and a tuck jump. I can do the routine better but John’s jumps are so high and intense.  Now you do speed bag, roundhouse, punch front and side, march in place while punching at the floor, then kicking front, back, front and ending with 2 knees! Next routine is Step Throw, 2 uppercuts towards your knee, and ending with a double bob with a jab knee both directions. By now you’ve made it the first Firedrill which is John’s favorite part in all the workouts and he held his own in it. You follow that with skiing, front kick, back kick, then triple punches both ways, and finish with jab jab and then shake it! Now you do wheel, uppercuts to the corners, wheel, front and side punch, ending with cross cross knee. Then you hit the 2nd Firedrill which you repeat twice. Now you have the Boom I’ve Got Your Boyfriend routine followed by the elbow routine and end with the finale.

So there you have it a recap of what Fire 45 is really all about and in today’s video you can see someone who has made it to Day 72, go through it right next to someone just starting out. You can also see the different levels of intensity and athletic ability as some moves John can’t get down and others he is jumping all over the place and just killing. So it’s a great video to watch and it was a lot of fun to do! It was my last Fire 45 which is unfortunate but it was definitely fun while it lasted. Please leave comments and let me know what you guys thought! Today I only got 7 hours of sleep the night before, had 6 glasses of water today, ate within my calorie range and had Topical Shakeology post workout! Made John jealous since already had his for breakfast. Today’s recipe was 1 scoop Tropical Shakeology, ½ a banana and ½ cup mixed berried blended. It was pretty tasty! If you guys have questions please email us at info@gf2revolution.com and don’t forget to check out www.facebook.com/gf2revolution Tomorrow is an Off Day for me so I will see you all Thursday for HIIT 25 + Tone 30! Night guys!