TurboFire Day 74: HIIT 25 + Tone 30

Today is Day 74 of TurboFire and today I once again face my Nemesis HIIT 25 + Tone 30, but this time I brought with me a secret weapon, today I will face this workout with a positive attitude! It sounds a little silly but it makes a big difference. The attitude and mind set you have as you approach your workout makes all the difference. If you tell yourself you can’t then you won’t if you tell yourself you are going to fail you will fail, but if you tell yourself you can make it and you will do better and jump higher than you did last time, then you will, and when all is said and done you will be proud of what you accomplished. I know that I was after I finally mastered HIIT 25 today. Was it perfect, NO! Could I do better, probably! Was I exhausted and did I want to give up, YES! But despite it all I stayed in it and did the best I can, and did better than I did last time. Proud moment today! Finally making progress and pushing past my mental limits and conquering new heights.

HIIT 25 in an intense High Intensity Interval Training workout that last 25 grueling minutes and is non-stop action. HIIT 25 is composed of 4 different firedrills each of which you repeat twice and all of which will challenge you in new and unique ways. The warm up is short and you spend ½ of it marking your first drill then you go for it with all the intensity you have. Once I heard the siren I said ok be ready, psuh yourself, you can do it and before you know it I got through the first drill and was onto a brief water break. Then the siren started up again and I told myself ok you got this, just keep pushing, and again I got through it. Before I knew it I was at the end and I had completed each Firedrill with intensity and pushed way past what I was able to accomplish last time. I was exhausted, I could barely breathe or move, but I made it. I did my cool down and then was ready to pop in Tone 30! I did really well in Tone 30 today I was able to stay in the poses longer and do all the reps all the way through. I am getting better form and stronger over the course of this program and by the last one on Saturday I think it’ll be picture perfect.

So today I mastered HIIT 25 and decided it is no longer my nemesis! I came at this thing with a positive attitude and determination to be able to get through this and not end up passed out on the floor in pain and nauseous. I just kept walking myself through it, taking one drill at a time, and telling myself I could do this, and more than that it was fun and that I would stay positive and have fun the entire time. So check out the video and see for yourself how much of a difference a positive attitude makes. As for me I couldn’t be happier I had a great workout, I had 8 hours of sleep the night before, I drank my 8 glasses of water, I ate slightly outside my calorie range for today with some homemade pizza for dinner, but had Tropical Shakeology following my workout and it was so awesome. Today’s Recipe was Orange, Mango, Peach Juice with frozen peaches and 1 scoop Tropical Shakeology! Delicious! Tomorrow I have Fire55EZ so I’ll go into that with a positive attitude as well and make it a great workout!