TurboFire Day 77: Fire 30 + Stretch 10 (The Last Melon)

Oh MY! Here were are at Day 77 of TurboFire and it just keeps getting more and more real that this is the final week of this awesome adventure. Today is the last day I will do Fire 30 + Stretch 10 and it’s one of my all time favorite workouts. It’s nice that I have a shorter one today too, because I am a bit beat up after yesterday’s adventure with my husband into Insanity the Asylum’s Speed and Agility. Fire 30 is the first real TurboFire workout I did and so it seems to have come full circle now as I am doing it for the last time. I love the break down of this workout and the fact that it’s only 30minutes. I picked my blog photo today based on an the movie Ice Age when they realize it’s the last melon left and they have to fight over it. My husband and I use that phrase a lot to describe how sad it is that it’s the last one so I will put all I’ve got into my last Fire 30 + Stretch 10 workout as it is the last melon!

The workout as you know is straight to the point, you get all riled up with the Daisy Dukes song and get your warm up on, then once that is over you are in it. You start with a triple both ways, then jab-cross-hook-up, step upper, step cross, 2 uppers and go right in to the next section. The next section is punches  high with a speed bag then you run forward, left, behind, right and come center again with the punches and a speed bag. You now have made it to Friedrill #1 which unfortunately in this video is in earthquake mode, must not of had my camera tied down well (sorry!). If you watch the video you’ll see though I had a smile on my face the whole time and was being a bit of a goober. After the firedrill you have Ski to fire throw, then high low round house, and ending with a 7 step. Now you have a speed bag, push it, uppercuts, double bob to jab knee. You now have made it to your second Firedrill and then you find yourself in the Finale! I can’t believe how fast this one went by all of a sudden I was in the finale and I don’t know how I go there.

I had so much fun with today’s workout I was smiling and having a grand old time. I felt like I needed to keep going, I truly debated putting on another disc because my mood was just so elevated it was crazy. Overall my energy was a level 9 today, I had my Tropical Shakeology earlier in the day, today’s recipe was 1 scoop Tropical Shakeology, 8oz water and ½ cup frozen papaya, I drank my 8 glasses of water, got 8 hours of sleep the night before, and ate with my calorie range. I am so sad this was my last Fire 30 workout but I hope you all enjoy the video and leave comments below. Email me with questions at info@gf2revolution.com and check out our page at www.facebook.com/gf2revolution Tomorrow is an off day for me so I will see you Tuesday for Fire 45EZ!