TurboFire Day 79: Fire 45EZ + Stretch 10

Hey guys so today is the first real day of my recovery week, yesterday was an off day for me and today marks the beginning of the end. Today is Day 79 of TurboFire and as I’ve said before all the heavy lifting and hard work is done and over with and we have made it to the last week. It’s not that this last week is a cake walk but it has only EZ and stretch workouts, and really not too much intensity left. It is more about staying active and having fun at this point. So that is exactly how I’m going to approach things as I finish out this journey. Today’s workout is Fire 45EZ + Stretch 10.

I haven’t done Fire 45EZ since Day 55 of TurboFire, which is almost a month’s time, so I really forgot what this workout involved and truly how much fun it is. It is a danced based routine that contains no Firedrills and is a lower impact workout overall. I did wear the weighted gloves for this workout, despite it being my recovery week I can still go full force in the workouts and know I have stretch 40 coming up and I will have plenty of time to recovery before my next adventure begins.  So really I know in this workout I could just enjoy myself and sing along, bob to the music, and do my best. The music is great and the moves were fun to do. I was in a good mood when I started and by the end was in an even better mood. It was the most fun workout I had done in a while, again makes me sad that this is all coming to an end, but at least I have this workout one more time before it’s all over. So I went through all the dance routines and really enjoyed the finale in this one, and of course, once I finished through the cool down I got my Stretch 10 on!

So overall I had a fantastic workout today, I feel so amped up and so ready to take on the world. My energy level was high to start, maybe an 8, and now that I’m done it’s got to be a 10! I loved every minute of the workout and was sad when the credits starting rolling at the end. I got 7 hours of sleep last night, drank 7 glasses of water today, ate within my calorie range, and had Shakeology for dessert tonight! I hope you guys check out the video and leave comments, I am loving this journey and would love to share it with you all. Please email me at info@gf2revolution.com or connect at www.facebook.com/gf2revolution and add me as your coach so we can share in this journey together. Tomorrow I have Fire55EZ for the last time and after that is smooth sailing. Don’t forget I am starting Chalean Extreme April 10th and I’d love for you all to join me! Keep it real guys and I’ll talk with you all tomorrow!