TurboFire: FireStarter Pack (What Some Have Called TurboFire 2)

TurboFire: FireStarter Pack (What Some Have Called TurboFire 2)

Apr 13, 2012

So do your love TurboFire as much as I do and want a little more variety incorporated into your Program or have you not yet tried TurboFire because of the fast paced intimating choreography and crazy HIIT workouts? Well now there is a solution for both situations and that’s the TurboFire Fire Starter Pack. Chalene Johnson has heard your request and has used your feedback to design an add on to the current TurboFire Program. Even though some have referred to this as TurboFire 2 this is not a whole new program it is only an add on which incorporate new HIIT workouts and a starter DVD that breaks down all Chalene’s TurboFire moves.

What Exactly Do You Get?

Fire Starter DVD that allows beginners to pick up the advanced TurboFire choreography as well as let those who have already jumped into to TurboFire master the moves and get more out of the workouts. The Fire Starter may only be breaking down the moves but you’ll still burn a ton of calories and this DVD is not included in the original TurboFire kit so it’s a valuable tool for those who have trouble picking up the moves.

2 New Low Impact HIIT Workouts:You get a HIIT 20 and a HIIT 25 both of these are Low Impact but High Intensity, some people say they are burning even more calories with these new HIIT workouts as they are even more intense then her original HIIT DVDs but their is absolutely NO JUMPING. This is good for those of you just starting out as well as those of you who want to mix it up, or if you have an injury that prevents higher impact workouts or even for the days in which you are feeling a little too sore to jump and get all crazy! These new HIIT workouts are a great addition!

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