Valentine’s Day the Beachbody Way (Last Minute Gift Ideas)

Valentine’s Day the Beachbody Way (Last Minute Gift Ideas)

Feb 11, 2013

Valentine’s Day the Beachbody Way

   It’s no coincidence that Valentine’s Day falls in National Heart Month. While fitness may not be your first thought when you think of a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, take a moment and reconsider. Taking care of your heart physically ensures you can take care of your loved ones the way they deserve to be loved. You can go on more outings with your spouse, spend more time running around with your kids, and just feel and look better to the point you love life. Make a commitment not only to love your spouse but to BE There for them!

I challenge you this Valentine’s Day to commit to get fit together. Who wants to change their lifestyle all by themselves? Who wants to make meals separate from the family because they are eating healthy and no one else is? The answer is no one. Research shows you are much more likely to be successfully in a health and fitness goal if you have an accountability partner and guess what if you have a significant other you have an accountability partner.

So maybe I’ve convinced you, but you are still wondering how to give your sweetheart Brazil Butt Lift and not get the cold shoulder for insulting his or her current derrière. Here are so gifts and tips that are sure to go over big this Valentine’s Day.

Beachbody Fitness Program

There are so many awesome programs to choose from and I’d be happy to discuss each of them with you further if you’d like to pick just the right one for you and your hunny, but the program itself isn’t as important as the commitment you’ll make to do this together. Tell your sweetheart you bought P90X so that you  two can commit every day to have a workout date together and help each other through it. Or perhaps you bought Hip Hop Abs because you know how much they like to dance, so you’ll move the coffee table and commit to a dance off every day for the next 30 days. No matter what program you get it’s a win win, because not only will it last longer than the over priced flowers you’ll have to throw out in a week, but you have also committed your time to one another, and what couple doesn’t want to spend more time together.


So what’s Shakeology you ask? Well it’s a daily meal replacement shake that give your all your fruits, vegetable, vitamins and minerals for the day in 1 glass. Why would this make a great Valentine’s Day gift because it comes in a luscious chocolate or tropical flavor. Not only is this healthier than the box of chocolates that will be consumed and quickly regretted but it tastes just as good and there is so much you can do with it. If you order through us you’ll get some awesome recipes to make killer shakes but more than that awesome desserts and treats that will taste like you’re cheating, but really you are sticking with the healthy eating.





Ultimate Combo AKA The Challenge Pack

Maybe both options sound like the way to go, then get both but don’t order them individually buy a challenge pack. This is the best deal that combines the fitness program of your choice and your selection of Shakeology. Now you can really feel like you’re spoiling your sweetheart with fun and treats.












Beachbody Gift Card

Still not convinced your sweetheart would be or board or not sure what program or shake they’d like best, get a Beachbody Gift Card which will processed within two hours for you last minute procrastinators, and it can be personalized with a loving Valentine’s Day message. Then you know you’ll get exactly what they want and you can pick it out together, and decided what would be most fun and the best choice for the both of you.

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