Warrior Dash (Insanity Day 55)

Warrior Dash (Insanity Day 55)

Oct 30, 2011

Check Out Our Warrior Dash Video! http://youtu.be/NMoWPYF64jE and see the photos below!

Alright guys so I know this is not part of the normal Insanity Journey but it was something John and I decided to do. My family had set health and fitness goals they wanted to accomplish for this current year and one of those goals was to complete a half marathon, which my mom, John and I all completed this past summer. Now this was a huge accomplishment for me, however not something I really wanted to do personally. I think running can be boring and instead wanted to do something with more elements to it, so when I heard about the Warrior Dash I was intrigued. This is still out of my comfort zone, as I’m not physically fit enough to do many crazy obstacles, but I’m getting there with my Insanity training. John however convinced me that together we could accomplish this if I wanted to and so there you have it, Warrior Dash 2011 Survivors were born.e our Photos Below!

The race itself was a 5K Obstacle Course that started with a long run on a very dusty path. It was hard to keep going when all you were breathing in was dust. After the run we had some obstacles which weren’t really that bad. We had to go up and over a teeter totter, climb a rope ladder and slide down a pole, walk across a tightrope holding onto the rope above, go over and under some hurdles, go through tires, climb a wall using only a rope (which I almost fell off of), climb across a net of ropes, climb another wall, climb up and over some cars, jump over some fire, and dive in a big mud pit at the end. It was really challenging for me but I am so glad I did it and I think I’d do it again next year. If you are married I recommend doing this with your spouse it’s one of those team building exercises to show what your marriage is really made of because it’s competitive but yet we still needed to be there and support one another.

Today’s workout was supposed to be Core Cardio and Balance but we substituted Warrior Dash in its place and will resume with Max Recovery tomorrow. Believe me this 5K was a fair substitute for Core Cardio and Balance. We always say you should stick to the workout schedule the best you can, but sometimes life gets in the way and this is not a jail sentence it’s about getting fit and accomplishing things you never thought possible, so if you need to switch it up a little here and there to compensate for other activities you want to do. Do that! Enjoy your workout today whatever that may be and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.